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Cryptocurrency and Virtual Asset Regulation in 2021

Preparing for the IRS Title 31 Examination – The Bare Necessities

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December 18, 2020

2020 AML Training for Virtual Currency Businesses and Other Compliance Professionals – The Essential Checklist for Updating Your AML Compliance Program: Sorting Through the Noise of 2020

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Covid-19 and the elections have not been the only things dominating 2020. For AML Compliance professionals – and especially virtual currency service providers – the developments in BSA/AML/Sanctions compliance have set a record-breaking pace in 2020. How can you sort through all of this – the nonstop flurry of federal prosecutions, new sanctions, new and proposed regulations, FinCEN guidance and much more? Covid-19 has complicated all of our lives – this is the perfect opportunity to simplify.

Kill three birds with one course — understand better these developments and how they impact your organization’s AML/Sanctions compliance efforts, find out the top 10 ways you need to update in your compliance program immediately AND simultaneously satisfy your annual BSA/AML training requirement.

Compliance expectations continue to evolve. From the US Department of Justice’s recently released Cryptocurrency Enforcement Guidelines to the OFAC/FinCEN guidance on ransomware payments, the proposed new $250 threshold for the Travel Rule to the new FinCEN statement on enforcement actions and much more, regulatory expectations have changed in the past year for virtual currency businesses – more than any other type of financial services companies.

  • Understand how these developments impact your business and find out the immediate steps you need to take to enhance your compliance program.
  • Avoid deficiencies being found in your next independent review and be ready for an IRS examination or FinCEN investigation.
  • Engage with knowledgeable BSA/AML and sanctions compliance experts who are work with VASPs everyday.
  • Gain insight into the latest technology tools for identifying customers and monitoring suspicious activity, and learn how they are being used by the government in investigations.
  • Get a jumpstart on 2021.

View 40-minute segment on privacy preserving cryptocurrencies and AML compliance

November 23, 2020

Virtual Currency Businesses – The Essential Checklist for the IRS Title 31 Examination

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The program focuses on a number of recent developments that impact the compliance efforts of every money services business (MSB) – especially in the crypto space – including recent DOJ indictments, FinCEN and OFAC actions, trends in IRS examinations and some proposed regulatory changes. We will review the DOJ cryptocurrency enforcement framework, what changes you should be making to your compliance program in light of these developments and what additional changes to expect in the coming months.

December 11 – 12, 2019

Virtual Currency Businesses AML/KYC & Sanctions Compliance Essentials – Hot Topics and The Essential Checklist

December 2019

Blockchainge DC – BlockChainge DC 2019 featured more than 70 substantive discussions led by more than 140 global thought leaders at its inaugural event, held in Washington, DC. https://www.blockchaingedc.com.