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Risk Management.

Luminous Group’s commitment to accelerate the rapid transformation of the digital economy focuses on innovative applications of Blockchain based and other emerging technologies, developing and implementing growth strategies, designing regulatory and risk management solutions, and providing education opportunities.

Blockchain based technologies present exciting and potentially tremendous opportunities to transform many aspects of our business and personal lives.

Luminous Group works to accelerate the rapid transformation of the digital economy.

We partner with clients to design innovative blockchain solutions and support their growth efforts through specialized business consulting and regulatory and risk management services.

This multifaceted approach is what distinguishes our practice from others.

Luminous works with clients seeking to create new businesses, re-engineer existing processes, revamp underlying infrastructure and grow. Our clients range from startups to publicly traded companies across a wide variety of industries all with a common thread - building the future one block at a time.

Our Services.

Our multifaceted offerings provide practical, innovative and regulatory compliant solutions and distinguishes our practice from others.

Blockchain Consulting

We design, advise and develop blockchain solutions that generate new revenue and business model opportunities, accelerate growth and improve the efficiency/integrity of your systems. We also provide customized education solutions for executive teams, professional groups, and others.

Digital Asset Advisory

We provide Strategic Advisory, Business Model Feasibility Assessments, Business Process Mapping, Smart Contract Design, Technical Architecture, and Regulatory and Risk Management Advisory.

Growth & Management Consulting

We help clients build sustainable, profitable growing businesses through business model development and evaluations, strategic growth and management consulting, market expansion, operating model, and go-to-market strategies.

Regulatory & Risk Management Advisory

We advise, develop, and implement risk management and regulatory solutions. We help clients understand and comply with key regulations including Anti-Money Laundering, sanctions regulations, and state money transmitter licensing statutes.

The Luminous Team.

Our principals have deep experience advising clients on the use of blockchain technologies and digital currencies in their business activities, providing them practical, innovative and regulatory compliant solutions. We come from diverse backgrounds and have unique perspectives - see what makes us different:


Carol Van Cleef

Recognized and highly sought after global strategist with industry leading legal and regulatory expertise in emerging technologies, blockchain, and digital currencies.


Rajesh Virassamy

Skilled enabler of decentralization through technology. He is confident smart contracts will facilitate frictionless execution of business & other transactions in the future.


Nicole West

Builder of global businesses particularly in financial services and technology. You name it, she’s probably done it.

Chief Product Officer

Blake Richardson

Ideator and strategist extraordinaire who was an early adopter of blockchain.

Chief risk officer

Elizabeth Alaway

Analytical powerhouse who’s strategic, holistic, and risk-focused approach helps build well managed successful businesses.

Director, Business Development and Strategy

Robert Dowling

Decentralization enthusiast and opportunity creator. Brings people together and makes it happen.

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