Quarterly AML Compliance Training (Q1 2020) (Live-Interactive-Virtual)


How healthy is your compliance program? Anti-money laundering (AML)-related matters are always in the news and there’s an impact to financial institutions, financial services businesses, cryptocurrency-related companies, and other businesses subject to AML laws and regulations.

Join this live, interactive 2-hour online training presentation that will help your compliance officer, compliance team, management oversight roles and any other responsible parties, gain knowledge about how to strengthen compliance efforts.

Training focuses on current issues, legal matters and requirements that may directly impact your AML compliance program, or simply improve your knowledge and understanding of best practices to maintain lawful and compliant business operations. Discussions involve general money laundering as well as issues specific to cryptocurrency and money services businesses.

To help satisfy your annual AML training requirements, all attendees will receive a certificate of completion reflecting 2.0 hours of AML training.



Two-hour live, interactive, virtual anti-money laundering compliance training pertaining to the first quarter of 2020.